DPV Parts

Explore the essential range of DPV Parts at Extreme Exposure, where functionality meets innovation in diver propulsion vehicle accessories. Our collection includes the Suex All Purpose Support, a versatile tool designed for various Suex DPV needs. It enhances the overall functionality of your scuba diving scooter, providing stability and ease of use in diverse underwater conditions.

The Suex Balanced Instrument Support is another crucial component in our lineup. Tailored for precision, it ensures balanced instrument mounting, vital for accurate data collection and navigation underwater. This part exemplifies the attention to detail that goes into each underwater sea scooter accessory, ensuring reliable and efficient diving experiences.
For divers seeking enhanced maneuverability, the Suex Tow Leash Kit is an indispensable addition. It provides the flexibility needed for towing and managing diving gear underwater, making it a favorite among technical and recreational divers alike.
The Suex D-1 Eron Dashboard stands out in our collection, offering advanced functionality for your electric underwater scooter. It's a testament to our commitment to high-quality, innovative diving solutions, enhancing the control and experience of using diver propulsion vehicles.

Our Suex DPV parts are not just additions; they are essential components that elevate your underwater exploration. Whether you're embarking on a recreational dive or a complex technical expedition, these parts ensure your diver propulsion vehicle is equipped to handle the challenges and wonders of the underwater world.