Primary Lights

Dive into the world of unparalleled underwater illumination with Extreme Exposure's Primary Lights category. Our curated collection, spotlighting the esteemed Halcyon and Dive Rite brands, is tailored for divers seeking dependable and high-performance scuba diving light solutions.

Leading our lineup is the Halcyon Focus 2.0 Light, a beacon of reliability and innovation in underwater lighting. This scuba diving flashlight is renowned for its adjustable beam and enduring power, making it a top pick for technical divers. Next, the Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld diving light offers a blend of portability and power, ideal for divers who prioritize flexibility and ease of use among scuba dive lights.
The Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld scuba light takes the versatility of the Focus 2.0 series to new heights, offering handheld convenience without compromising on the intensity and clarity of light. For divers who prefer modular setups, the Halcyon Focus 2.0 - Light head - E/O provides an excellent option, allowing for underwater dive light customization and adaptability.
The Halcyon Flare EXP Corded stands out for its extended burn time and consistent output, making it an underwater flashlight for lengthy dives. In contrast, the Halcyon Flare EXP Slug is designed for divers seeking a compact yet powerful scuba light, embodying the essence of convenience and efficiency.
Rounding out our selection is the Dive Rite LX20+ Handheld Primary Light, a testament to Dive Rite's commitment to quality and performance. This dive flashlight is favored by explorers and technical divers for its robust build and exceptional beam quality.

In this category, each product exemplifies the pinnacle of diving light technology, catering to a spectrum of diving styles and preferences. Dive Rite lights and Halcyon dive lights range, including the Focus and Flare series, represent the forefront of underwater lighting innovation. Trust Extreme Exposure for your primary dive light needs and illuminate your underwater journeys with confidence and clarity.