Maintaining your dive gear with the right storage solution is essential for any diver, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. At Extreme Exposure, our selection of drysuit and wetsuit hangers is designed to cater to the diverse needs of divers, ensuring your gear is not only stored properly but also cared for between dives.

BCD hangers are robust, designed to support the weight of buoyancy control devices, allowing for proper air circulation and drying. BCD hangers help maintain the shape and functionality of your BCD, prolonging its lifespan.
Drysuit and wetsuit hangers offer a specific design to accommodate the unique materials of wetsuits and drysuits. Wetsuit hanger broad shoulders help distribute the weight evenly, preventing deformation and ensuring faster drying times in ambient conditions.
Highlighting our collection is the UK HangAir Hanger, a wetsuit hanger with fan, which is a game-changer for divers looking to expedite the drying process. This innovative wetsuit hanger features a built-in fan, significantly reducing drying time and making it a favorite among divers who value convenience and efficiency. It's an ideal solution for those who dive frequently or have limited time between dives. UK HangAir Hanger can also be used as drysuit hanger with fan.

Choosing the best wetsuit hanger dryer for your dive gear is more than a matter of convenience; it's about ensuring the longevity and readiness of your scuba equipment. Whether you're looking for a sturdy BCD hanger, a gentle wetsuit hanger or drysuit hanger, or the quick-drying power of a hanger with a fan, our selection at Extreme Exposure has you covered. Embrace the practicality and benefits of using specialized hangers to keep your gear in prime condition, ready for your next underwater adventure.