Embark on your underwater adventures with Extreme Exposure's Handheld Lights category, showcasing an exceptional array of dive lights that blend portability with unmatched performance. This category is an ode to divers who seek the convenience of handheld dive light without sacrificing power and durability.

Our selection is headlined by the Dive Rite CX2 dive light, a compact powerhouse in the realm of underwater lighting. Renowned for its robust design and superior luminosity, the CX2 diving light is an ideal companion for divers who require reliable and efficient lighting solutions. The versatility of this diving light appeals to a wide range of divers, from those engaging in recreational activities to professionals undertaking complex technical dives.
Another gem in our collection is the Dive Rite BX2 scuba light, epitomizing Dive Rite's commitment to quality and affordability. This diving flashlight is a perfect blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness, making it a popular choice among divers who need dependable lighting without a hefty price tag. Its user-friendly interface and consistent performance make it a go-to scuba diving light option for both new and experienced divers.
The Dive Rite LX20+ scuba diving flashlight stands as a testament to cutting-edge dive light technology. Favored by technical divers for its high-intensity beam and rugged construction, the LX20+ underwater torch is designed to excel in the most challenging underwater environments, from deep wrecks to intricate cave systems.
Our Handheld Lights category, featuring best dive lights like the Dive Rite CX2, is a showcase of the latest innovations in dive lighting technology. These diving lights are not just tools but trusted partners that illuminate your path, revealing the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater world. From LED dive lights known for their long-lasting brightness to the brightest dive lights for exploratory missions, our range has something for every diver. Dive light reviews and comprehensive insights further assist in making an informed choice, ensuring that every dive is a journey of discovery and safety.

Whether you're a novice diver embarking on your first underwater adventure or a seasoned pro looking for the best scuba dive light of 2023, our Handheld Lights category offers a perfect diving flashlight to suit your needs. Experience the difference in underwater visibility and reliability with Extreme Exposure's handpicked selection of handheld dive lights.