Double Tank Systems

Welcome to the "Double Tank Systems" section of, where Halcyon's commitment to excellence is evident in every product. As a seasoned diver, you understand the significance of a reliable buoyancy control device, especially when diving with double tanks. Our curated collection, predominantly showcasing Halcyon's craftsmanship in backplate and wing BCD designs, ensures that you're equipped with the best.

Dive into our range and discover the Halcyon Legend BC System, a testament to innovation and performance. The Element Pro BC System and Element System offer a blend of durability and efficiency, ensuring a seamless dive experience. For those seeking a more advanced setup, the Evolve BC System, Legend Carbon Fiber Pro BC System, and Legend Carbon Fiber BC System stand out as top contenders.
Halcyon's backplate and wing designs, including the sought-after scuba backplate and wing models, are renowned in the diving community for their precision and reliability. Whether you're exploring deep underwater caves or navigating challenging wrecks, Halcyon's double tank systems promise stability and control. From the best BCD scuba gear to specialized systems like the Halcyon backplate and wing, our offerings cater to both novices and seasoned divers. And if you're ever searching for "bpw near me," know that is your go-to destination for all things bpw scuba.

Diving is not just about the gear; it's about the experience. And with Halcyon's commitment to innovation, every dive becomes a journey of discovery. At, we're more than just a store; we're your diving partner. Dive with confidence, explore with curiosity, and trust in Halcyon's unparalleled expertise in backplate scuba. Whether you're familiar with the term bp/w or just starting out, our extensive range ensures you find exactly what you need.