Extreme Exposure hosts some of diving's best educators from multiple agencies and countries covering all levels of training from Open water through advanced cave, trimix and rebreather. A range talented educators and dive guides are available and are ready to help you meet your training goals.

EE regularly coordinates local instruction covering the full range of classes offered by Global Underwater Explorers, NSS-CDS, TDI, NAUI, IANTD and PADI.

Most classes are scheduled based on demand with instructors setting their own schedule and pricing. If you do not see a class that fits your schedule or needs, please contact us!

GUE Courses - Prices are approximate and vary based on instructor

Rec 1 (Open Water & Nitrox)


Rec 2 (Rescue & Triox)


Rec 3 (Stage Bottle & Trimix)



Documentation Diver




Drysuit Primer


Doubles Primer


Gas Blender


GUE Fundamentals - Part 1 (GUE Primer)

$325 - 425

GUE Fundamentals - Part 2 $425 - 525

GUE Fundamentals - Full Class

$800 - $1000


Tech 1


Tech 2


Rebreather (RB80 or JJ-CCR)



Cave 1


Cave 2


DPV Cave


Cave Survey


NSS-CDS Courses - All prices are approximate and vary based on instructor





Cave Diver


Advandced Cave Diver




Trimix Cave Diver


Other NSS-CDS Course Descriptions


Additional Courses through NAUI, TDI, RAID, PADI





Intro to Tech (TDI) 


Advanced EANx/Deco Procedures (TDI)


Extended Range (TDI)


Trimix (TDI)


Advanced Trimix (TDI)


TDI Course Descriptions

NAUI Course Descriptions

PADI Course Descriptions

IANTD Course Descriptions

RAID Course Descriptions

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Instruction at Extreme Exposure

doug-instructor.jpgDouglas Mudry is a GUE Fundamentals, Recreational, DPV, and Cave 1 Instructor. His years of experience interning under some of GUE's most admired instructors, as well as extensive knowledge of proper gear configurations, and his role of primary support diver for the WKPP all contribute to making him a very skilled instructor. His teaching schedule includes several standard five-day Fundamentals classes, as well as a few classes planned over the course of two weekends, allowing students time to digest material and practice skills prior to an evaluation. If you are interested in either course format, or would prefer to schedule your own course with your team, please contact for more information. If you would like more information about the Fundamentals curriculum or would like to register for one of Doug's courses, please visit For a list of Doug's scheduled courses, visit Doug's scheduled courses.

Kirill Egorov



Kirill Egorov has been instructing diving for over 15 years. He has experience in all environments ranging from tropical open-water to the bitter cold caves of Russia, as well as rebreather and deep technical exploration. Kirill is originally from Moscow, Russia but has recently moved to High Springs and is GUE's Assistant Training Director. Kirill teaches in the recreational, technical, cave, and instructor training curriculum for GUE. If you would like to contact him for more information on any of his training courses, please email See Kirill's complete resume here.


Kyle Harmon 


Kyle Harmon is a transplant from Oklahoma who fell in love with diving during college. He is an avid cave and technical diver, rebreather trained, and a member of the WKPP. He currently teaches GUE Fundamentals while also managing Extreme Exposure full time. His teaching schedule is flexible, offering a standard 4-5 day Fundamentals course or a split course. If you are interested in a already scheduled course or would prefer to schedule your own course with your team at your desired location, please contact Kyle for more information. He can be reached at or by phone at the shop at 386.454.8158. For a list of scheduled courses, please visit Kyle's Scheduled Courses.