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We strive to provide all of the rental equipment you may need to make your diving experience a complete success! If there is something you need and you do not see it listed, please ask -- we can set up a package to fulfill your specific needs!

Tank Rentals

Price per day

Single Tank or Stage Bottle with Air $10
Single Tank or Stage Bottle with 32% Nitrox $15
Stage Bottle with Mix (mix not included) $10 
Doubles with Air -- Steel or Aluminum $20
Doubles with 32% Nitrox -- Steel or Aluminum $30
Double / Double Special 
-2 sets of doubles (Steel or Aluminum), includes 32% Nitrox
Doubles with Mix - Steel / Aluminum (mix not included) $20
AL40 with 100% Oxygen $15
AL80 with 50% Nitrox $15

3L Oxygen and Diluent Bottle set for CCR - (32% and oxygen included)

LP50/8L doubles with Lola Manifold and 3L Oxygen for CCR - (32% and oxygen included) $45

Other Gear

Price per day

DPV Rental (Rent for 6 days, get the 7th day free!) $75
Regulator Rental - Single tank or Stage Reg $15
Regulator Rental - Doubles  $30
Complete Buoyancy Compensator: Jacket style or Backplate/Wing $20
Backplate and Harness $12
Wing - Single or Doubles $12
Full tech setup (regs, lights, BP/W, 2 sets of doubles) $100
Wetsuit $12
Drysuit $50
Undergarment $10
Hood $4
Booties $3
Fins (Open Heel or Full Foot) $6
Mask and Snorkel $5
Mask, Fins, Snorkel $10
Scout Light $6
Primary Light $30
Dive Computer - Wrist Mount $15
Full Setup: Open Water
-Reg, BC, Tank w/32%, wetsuit, Fins,
 Booties, Mask, Bottom Timer, Bag
(save $17)
Full Setup: Cave
-Regs, BC, Doubles w/32%, Drysuit,
 Undergarment, Fins, 2 Scouts, Primary Light, 
 Bottom Timer, Gear Bag
(save $32)

Personal Equipment Storage

Storage Special: For a limited time only, save 20% by paying for a full year in advance! 

Personal Storage

Price per month

1 Crate (provided by EE*) $10
DPV $10
Single Tank $2.50
Doubles $5

Gear and DPV storage is completely climate controlled.

*Provided crate is a spacious 31" x 21" x 15" that you may also use to transport your gear during your visit. Multiple crates per person are available.

Additional storage benefits include:

  • Rinse your gear in our fully equipped wash area: you will find a full counter and sink, deep gear soak tub, and hanging area
  • Hang your wet gear to dry in our secure outdoor storage area and we will return your belongings to your storage crate once dry -- never return to stinky, moldy gear again!
  • Call ahead to have tanks filled and ready prior to your arrival
  • Call ahead to request additional a la carte services such as VIP, Hydro, or regulator service in preparation for your return!
  • Let us know how we can make your next trip even easier and more enjoyable!