Stage Rigging / MOD Decals

In the specialized world of scuba diving, precise equipment configuration is crucial. Extreme Exposure's "Stage Rigging / MOD Decals" category is designed for divers who understand the importance of meticulously rigged gear. This category features a selection of products tailored for those who seek streamlined, efficient, and safe diving experiences.

Starting with the Dive Rite Stage Bottle Rigging Kit, a popular choice among divers for its robust design and functionality. This kit simplifies the process of securing stage bottles, ensuring they are easily accessible and securely attached throughout your dive. It embodies the practicality and reliability Dive Rite is known for.
For divers adhering to GUE protocols, the GUE MOD Decals (Imperial) are invaluable. These decals allow for quick identification of gas mixes and operational depths, ensuring safety and compliance with GUE standards. They are designed for clarity and durability, even in challenging underwater environments.
The Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit takes customization to the next level, offering divers a versatile solution for rigging their stage cylinders. Known for their attention to detail, Halcyon's products provide unmatched reliability. Similarly, the Halcyon Stage Cylinder Package is a comprehensive set that includes everything needed for effective stage rigging, combining quality with convenience.
For those exploring the realms of sidemount diving, the Halcyon Sidemount Tank Rigging Kit stands out. This kit offers a practical and efficient way to rig sidemount tanks, maintaining Halcyon's high standards of quality and ease of use.
Each product in this category, from the robust rigging kits to the clearly marked MOD decals, is designed with the diver's needs in mind. They reflect a commitment to safety, efficiency, and durability – traits that are non-negotiable in the world of technical diving.

At Extreme Exposure, we understand that the right rigging can make a significant difference in a diver's experience. That's why our "Stage Rigging / MOD Decals" category is carefully curated to include only the best products in the market, ensuring that every diver can find exactly what they need for their unique diving adventures. Whether you're a recreational diver looking to streamline your setup or a technical diver requiring precise gear configuration, our range offers the reliability and performance you need to dive with confidence and control.