Tank Accessories

Dive into the depths of scuba customization with Extreme Exposure's "Tank Accessories" category. This section is dedicated to enhancing your diving experience with a variety of specialized accessories, ensuring your gear is perfectly suited for every underwater adventure.

Among our top picks is the practical and essential Stage Leash. This stage leash is more than just a strap; it's a lifeline for your tanks, securing them firmly in place, whether you're navigating through a wreck or gliding over a reef. Its durability and strength ensure that your stage tanks are always where they need to be, giving you peace of mind to focus on the dive itself.
The Stainless Steel DIN Plug represents a blend of strength and functionality. Ideal for divers who prefer the DIN system, this plug is a testament to durability. Its stainless steel construction ensures long-term protection against corrosion and wear, making this DIN plug a dependable choice for sealing your DIN valve when not in use.
For those who oscillate between DIN vs YOKE systems, the XS Scuba DIN to YOKE Adapter is a game-changer. This adapter exemplifies versatility, allowing divers to seamlessly switch between DIN valve and YOKE valve systems based on their dive requirements. It's a testament to the adaptability that modern diving demands, accommodating various setups with ease.
The Delrin DIN Plug showcases innovation in material choice. Made from Delrin, it offers a lightweight yet robust alternative to traditional plugs. This material's resistance to saltwater corrosion makes it an excellent choice for divers who demand durability without the added weight.

These high-quality tank accessories are not just tools; they're enhancements to your diving system, allowing for a more tailored and efficient setup. From ensuring your tanks are securely fastened with the Stage Leash to adapting your gear with the XS Scuba Adapter, each item in this category is chosen for its contribution to a diver's journey. At Extreme Exposure, we understand that the right accessories can make all the difference. That's why our "Tank Accessories" category is carefully curated, providing you with the best options to customize your diving experience. Whether you're fine-tuning your setup for comfort, safety, or performance, our selection offers the reliability and innovation you need to dive with confidence and control.