Heating Systems

In the depths of cold water diving, the right heating systems are not just accessories; they're necessities. At Extreme Exposure, our selection of Drysuit Heating Systems is tailored to enhance the experience of diving in a dry suit. Products like the Santi Thermovalve and the Santi Heating System Warming Gloves 2.0 are essential for maintaining warmth, especially in challenging underwater conditions.

Key to our collection is the Santi Heated Warming BZ200 Vest, an epitome of Santi heated vest, ensuring core body warmth crucial for dry suit diving. For those seeking an advanced drysuit heating system, the Explorer 20 Lithium Heater Pack offers unmatched heating efficiency, extending your dive time and enhancing safety.
The Santi BZ400 Heated Undersuit, a pinnacle in heated drysuit undergarment design, provides comprehensive warmth, making it an indispensable component of your diving gear. Its integration into your drysuit setup transforms cold water dives into more comfortable, longer-lasting explorations.
Our dry suit heating systems are designed to revolutionize the way you dive, allowing you to push the boundaries of exploration. With these systems, the cold becomes a manageable element of your dive, no longer a limiting factor. They represent a significant step in the evolution of diving in a dry suit, offering divers the ability to explore colder waters with confidence and comfort.

Investing in a proper heating system means elevating your diving experience. It's about ensuring every dive is as comfortable as it is thrilling, regardless of the water temperature. With our drysuit heating solutions, you're equipped not just to dive into the cold but to truly enjoy every moment of your underwater journey.