Dive into the elite world of rebreather diving with Extreme Exposure’s "Rebreather" category, featuring an exceptional range of JJ-CCR and Halcyon products. This category is dedicated to advanced divers who demand the utmost in underwater efficiency and versatility.

The JJ-CCR Oxygen Cell is a crucial component for any rebreather diver. Its reliability and accuracy ensure that you always have a precise reading of your oxygen levels, crucial for maintaining safe diving practices. The JJ CCR Hose Kit- Oxygen/ADV is another essential, offering a streamlined and efficient way to manage your hoses, thus enhancing your diving configuration.
For those looking to fully equip their JJ CCR units, the JJ-CCR Student Accessory Kit provides a comprehensive set of tools and accessories. This kit is designed to complement the JJ-CCR rebreather, a state-of-the-art unit known for its robustness and adaptability in various diving conditions.
For those divers following the GUE JJ CCR configuration and JJ CCR GUE configuration, our category ensures compatibility and ease of use. The Evolve JJ Rebreather Wing is tailored for the JJ-CCR, providing unmatched buoyancy control and stability. The JJ 6CF Inflation Mounting Strap with Bungee and JJ O2 Bottle Strap offer secure and convenient solutions for mounting necessary tanks, enhancing your dive setup's organization and accessibility.
The JJ Bailout Tank Clamp Assembly is a key accessory for managing your bailout system, ensuring your safety in various diving scenarios. To protect your equipment, the JJ CCR Injector Dust Cap Cover is an essential, safeguarding critical components from environmental elements.

In addition to these specific products, our "Rebreather" category at Extreme Exposure caters to all aspects of your rebreather diving needs. From critical components like the JJ-CCR Oxygen Cell and JJ CCR oxygen sensor for accurate gas monitoring to the JJ CCR Hose Kit- Oxygen/ADV for efficient hose management, we've got you covered. Each product, including the JJ-CCR Student Accessory Kit, is selected for its quality and ability to enhance your diving experience. Whether you're new to rebreather diving or a seasoned professional, our range of JJCCR and Halcyon products provides the reliability and performance you need to explore the underwater world with confidence and safety. Dive with Extreme Exposure, where advanced technology meets diving passion.