Dive Rite ExtendAir CO2 Absorbent Cartridge

$45.00 - $159.00

The ExtendAir CO2 Absorbent Cartridge is the preferred scrubber used in the O2ptima and O2ptima CM rebreathers. Being “the solid choice,” the ExtendAir cartridge addresses many problems that rebreather divers face with conventional granular absorbent. Some benefits include:

  • Eliminates scrubber variability from hand packing granular absorbent
  • ZERO absorbent dust
  • Eliminates channeling caused by packing errors or settling
  • More water tolerant than traditional absorbent
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance

In addition to the benefits listed above, the greatest advantage of the ExtendAir cartridge is its’ ease-of-use. Scrubber packing takes less than a minute with an ExtendAir cartridge, without any mess.

ExtendAir cartridges are sold by the box, which includes four individually-sealed cartridges.