Dive Rite Complete QRM for Dive Rite Lights


The QRM provides simple, jam-free operation with only a few moving parts.

The Quick Release Mount System (QRM) is a mounting system designed to quickly mount your light to a handmount, helmet, scooter, or anywhere else you can mount a receiver.

The QRM uses two EPDM O-rings for tension that are easy to replace and won’t rust like a spring. The QRM consists of two parts, the striker and receiver. The striker is the piece that mounts to the light, while the receiver is the base. A locking mechanism mounted on the receiver keeps the light secure when attached.

The Complete QRM for Dive Rite Lights (LT6130-QRM) includes the QRM Receiver Assembly (LT6131-RC) and the Striker for Dive Rite Lights (LT6132-DR). Both components can be purchased separately.

The Striker for Dive Rite Lights (LT6132-DR) will mount on all canister and handheld lights dating back to 2003 that have two mounting holes for handmounts. It is also compatible with the BX2 Handheld Light.

The QRM Receiver Assembly comes with two mounting options included. Two stainless 6-32 x 5/8-inch Phillips screws are provided to install the receiver on to existing Dive Rite handmounts. Two stainless 6-32 x 9/16-inch Phillips screws and 6-32 lock nuts are provided to mount the receiver.

  • Material: Hardcoat Aluminum and ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 3 oz (85 grams)