Valves, Manifolds, and Bands

Dive into Extreme Exposure's "Valves, Manifolds, and Bands" category, your go-to source for high-quality scuba tank components. Our collection includes a diverse range of products to suit every diver's needs, whether you're setting up a single tank or a complex twin cylinder configuration.

Highlighting our range is the Dive Rite Left Hand Modular Valve. Known for its durability and flexibility, this chrome-plated brass scuba tank valve is Nitrox ready up to 40% and features double o-ring seals for enhanced reliability and shock absorption. Its versatility allows for use in various configurations, including independent doubles, doubles manifold, sidemount, and rebreather cylinders. This DIN valve is a testament to Dive Rite's commitment to robust and adaptable diving solutions.
For divers needing to convert DIN valves to yoke systems, we offer the Yoke insert for 200 bar DIN valve or manifold. This insert is not just a simple adapter; it's a crucial component that expands the compatibility of your gear, supporting Nitrox use up to 40%. You no longer need to think about DIN valve vs Yoke valve, because you can have both!
Our selection also includes the Highland Twin Cylinder Bands, available in different diameters and designed with attention to detail. These bands are made from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring your scuba cylinders are securely fastened for any dive.
Lastly, the XS Scuba PRO Manifold stands out with its convertible DIN vs Yoke valve capability, easy-to-use safety handwheel, and compatibility with a wide range of service pressures. It's an essential item for divers looking to customize their scuba tank valve setups for maximum efficiency and safety.

Our "Valves, Manifolds, and Bands" category is crafted to cater to a variety of diving styles and needs, ensuring you have the best equipment for a safe and enjoyable dive. Whether you're a recreational diver looking for DIN to yoke adapter or insert or a technical enthusiast who wants to get the own twin scuba tank assembly, our range offers the reliability and versatility you need to explore the underwater world.