GUE Gas Blender

Course Outcomes


The GUE Gas Blender course is designed to introduce students to the essential skills required for blending diving gasses. Training includes the theory of gas blending as well as practical skills required for blending gas.



Applicants for a Gas Blender course must:


  1. Submit a completed registration form, a medical history, and a liability release to GUE Headquarters.
  2. Be physically and mentally fit.
  3. Hold insurance that will cover diving emergencies such as hyperbaric treatment, e.g. DAN Master-level insurance or equivalent.
  4. Be a nonsmoker.
  5. Obtain a physician’s prior written authorization for the use of prescription drugs, except for birth control, or for any prior medical condition that may pose a risk while diving. 
  6. Be a minimum of 18 years of age. 


Course Content


The GUE Gas Blender course is focused on instilling the correct procedures and practices for safe, efficient gas blending and is normally conducted during a one-day workshop.


GUE Gas Blender Specific Training Standards


  1. Student-to-instructor ratio is not to exceed 6:1


Required Training Materials


GUE training materials and recommended reading as determined by the course study packet received via online download after GUE course registration.


Academic Topics

  1. GUE Introduction
  2. Gas Properties
  3. Gas Physics
  4. Oxygen Risk
  5. Blending Systems
  6. Practical Blending
  7. Blending Formulas
  8. Blending Software
  9. Standard Gases
  10. Cascading
  11. Gas Boosters
  12. Gas Analysis

Practice Skills

  1. Analyzing
  2. Field Calculations
  3. Partial Pressure Nitrox and Trimix Blending
  4. Continuous Flow/Membrane Blending (where available)
  5. Remixing

Required Skills

  1. Demonstrate proficiency Gas Blending calculations, including remixes
  2. Demonstrate safe and accurate gas blending practices
  3. Demonstrate a safe and responsible demeanor throughout all training
  4. Demonstrate accurate gas analysis and marking

Required Equipment

Each student should have/have access to, and be familiar with, all of the following equipment:

  1. Appropriate cylinders to blend gasses into
  2. Partial Pressure filling equipment for both oxygen and helium
  3. Compressor or banked HP air
  4. Continuous flow or Membrane nitrox system (optional)
  5. Nitrox and or Trimix Analyzer
  6. GUE Gas Analysis Tape
  7. Computer with GUE Gas Blender software


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