Suex Sinapsi Navigation Nosecone

SINAPSI is a special nose for navigation that replaces the standard nose. It is equipped with sophisticated electronics to receive and process underwater navigation data acquired via DPV.
The SINAPSI project has required years of increasingly sophisticated research, including many tests and trials to optimise the system using the most exciting, up-to-date technological solutions.

SINAPSI is available for the Goldfinder XJ-XK, XJ-S and XK models.

  • Route planning via smartphone app and PC
  • Use GNSS Position – Home Position
  • Dead Reckoning
  • On-the-fly route planning
  • Heading quality index
  • Compass calibration and quality storage
  • Odometer calibration and distance and speed measurement
  • Accurate heading angle
  • Data reception
  • Wireless system