Suex XK


The the new 2019 Suex XK1 is the top of the line scooter in the world. Made in Italy, the XK1 is capable of even the most rigorous dives, this scooter will get you anywhere you need to go and back with the utmost safety and speed. This scooter comes stock with all of the bells and whistles you would expect including a latch-less design, patented nose cone and captured o-ring, seal motor compartment, proplock that can be managed underwater, fuel gauge, emergency bypass, and comes perfectly weighted neutral from the factory for fresh water and salt water.

Updates for 2019:

  • DRIVe System
  • Eron dashboard connectivity
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • New improved efficiency motor board
  • New improved efficiency battery design
  • New proplockdesign
  • New charger ip67 and charger box



  • Model: XK 1
  • Length: mm 960 (inch 37,8)
  • Width: mm 460 (inch 18,11)
  • Height: mm 364 (inch 14,33)
  • Body diameter: mm 197 (inch 7,76)
  • Weight without battery: kg 17 (lb 37,48)
  • Weight with battery: kg 25 (lb 55,12)
  • Material type: Tecnopolymers/aluminum
  • Static thrust: kg 34-39(*) (lb 74,96-85,98(*))
  • Max speed: mt/min 81-86(*) (ft/min 265-282(*))
  • Range at max speed/drag : km 6,1 (nmi 3,29)
  • Run time at max speed/drag: min 75
  • Range at cruise speed: km 13,5 (nmi 7,29)
  • Run time at cruise speed: min 300
  • Maximum operational depth: mt 200 (ft 656)
  • Test depth (1): mt 300 (ft 984)
  • Buoyancy/ trim: neutral
  • In-water usage temperature: å¡C -5/+35 (å¡F +23/+95)
  • Battery type: LI-ion
  • Nominal Voltage: Volt 37,5
  • Nominal Capacity: Wh 1050
  • Maximum recharging time: h 8
  • Charger power supply: Volt 90/240 - 50/60 Hz


Does not qualify for Free Shipping.

Each Suex ADV is factory tested underwater and only marketed when all necessary tests are passed, including waterproof tests. In the event of flooding (meaning the liquid in which the ADV was submerged enters the watertight case) warranty validity is at the discretion of SUEX Srl Transport and packaging fees to or from the SUEX offices from non EU countries shall be born by the purchaser. The product (excluding the battery) is covered against all manufacturing defects for a period of two years (reduced to one year for professional use) from the date of purchase proven by a sales document, excluding: • non-conform use or use other than that foreseen or illustrated in the user's manual • negligence, attempts to repair or modify the ADV by personnel not expressly authorized by SUEX that jeopardize correct operations or prevent adequate checks and tests to meet repair needs under the warranty • temporarily rented products • Scratches or damages to any surface, due to normal product use by the consumer. • normal wear or deterioration • damages due to transport, falls or accidents The batteries supplied with our ADVs are guaranteed for a period of 3 months excluding: • Defects due to damages, incorrect use, accident, tampering, negligence or neglect and in the event of modifications or repairs made by unauthorized personnel that jeopardize correct operations or prevent adequate checks and tests to meet repair needs under the warranty • Defects or damages due to product use in conditions other than those described in the user's manual • Defects or damages due to incorrect controls, operations, maintenance, installation, adjustments, unauthorized applications or any other alteration or modification of any kind. • Broken or damaged wires or connections unless directly due to material or factory defects. • Defects or damages due to humidity, liquids or foreign objects introduced within the battery pack or that have rusted any part of the battery.