Gas Analysis and Sensors

Embark on your next diving adventure with confidence using the advanced gas analysis tools from Extreme Exposure's "Gas Analysis and Sensors" category. Whether you're a recreational diver or a tech diving enthusiast, our range of analyzers ensures your safety and enhances your diving experience.

Our oxygen analyzer scuba and Nitrox analyzer scuba selections are essential for divers who use enriched air Nitrox . These devices provide accurate measurements of oxygen and nitrogen levels, ensuring that your gas mix is safe for the depth and duration of your dive. The scuba oxygen analyzer and scuba Nitrox analyzer are designed for ease of use and reliability, making them a must-have in every diver's kit.
For those looking for the best scuba oxygen analyzer, our collection features top-rated models known for their precision and durability. The O2 analyzer scuba is a popular choice for its compact size and quick readings, ideal for on-the-go checks. The oxygen analyzer for scuba diving and portable oxygen analyzer offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to analyze your gas mix anywhere.
In addition to oxygen analysis, our category also includes the Divesoft analyzer, a comprehensive tool for divers using more complex gas mixes. The Trimix analyzer is perfect for technical divers who use helium in their breathing mix, providing accurate readings of all three gases: oxygen, nitrogen, and helium. Our He O2 analyzers are specifically designed for divers using high percentages of oxygen and helium, offering precise measurements for these advanced gas mixes.

Every dive requires precise gas management for safety and enjoyment. With Extreme Exposure's selection of gas analyzers, including Nitrox analysers, and Trimix analyzers, you can dive with the assurance that your gas mix is exactly as it should be for your underwater adventure.