Dive Accessories

Dive into the heart of preparation and functionality with our Diving Accessories category at Extreme Exposure, featuring meticulously selected items designed to enhance your underwater experiences. Our collection of scuba accessories includes the indispensable dive notebook, also known as wetnotes, durable diving shorts, the essential dive slate, and the reliable Scubapro Titanium Dive Knife. Each product is chosen for its ability to provide divers with practical solutions and safety enhancements.

The dive notebook, or wetnotes, is an essential tool for any diver. These scuba wetnotes allow for easy communication and note-taking underwater. Compact and durable, wetnotes are perfect for jotting down observations, planning dive profiles, or communicating with your dive buddy. The rugged wetnotes scuba we offer are designed to withstand the pressures of the deep, making them a valuable addition to your dive gear essentials.
Our diving shorts are not just any scuba shorts; they are crafted for comfort and functionality. With features like quick dry material and adjustable waistbands, these scuba diving shorts offer divers freedom of movement and versatility. The breathable and lightweight design of our diving shorts, available in both neoprene and quick-dry fabrics, ensures comfort on long dives. Plus, the inclusion of pockets allows for easy storage of small items, making these scuba the shorts a practical choice for any diver.
Communication is key in diving, and our underwater dive slates provide a reliable method for divers to share information and messages. These diving slates, coupled with a pencil, allow for clear, erasable messages that are essential for dive planning and underwater communication. The waterproof dive slates durable design ensures it can be reused dive after dive, making slate diving an eco-friendly alternative to disposable note-taking options.
A dive knife is a vital scuba safety tool, and the Scubapro Titanium Dive Knife stands out for its corrosion-resistant and sharp blade. This titanium dive knife is designed for quick and easy access, ensuring divers can cut through entanglements or perform other underwater tasks with precision. The ergonomic design of the Scubapro diving knife, combined with its durability, makes it an invaluable companion for both emergency situations and regular dive activities.

Our Diving Accessories category is tailored to offer divers the highest quality gear, from the scuba knives to the custom diving shorts and precision dive slates. Explore our collection to find the perfect additions to your dive kit, ensuring safety, convenience, and efficiency on every dive.