Drysuit Zipper Maintenance

Drysuit Zipper Maintenance

Posted by Extreme Exposure on Aug 9th 2016

Waterproof zippers are at the heart of your drysuit. Along with wrist and neck seals, the zipper is one of the most critical yet delicate components of your suit. Taking proper care of the zipper is vital to keeping you happy and dry for years to come!

While traditional brass zippers have proven largely reliable in the past, advancing technology has given the consumer a lighter weight, more flexible option. In recent years, the advent of waterproof plastic zippers have changed the way we think about suit care and longevity, prompting modifications to our maintenance procedures. In keeping customers up to date, Santi has released a comprehensive guide detailing proper usage, maintenance, and storage procedures for the standard YKK Aquaseal Zipper.

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