8 Things Florida Cave Divers Can Relate To

8 Things Florida Cave Divers Can Relate To

Posted by Extreme Exposure on May 26th 2021

Florida Cave Country is home to some amazing and famous dive sites. Divers who are lucky enough to frequent the area are all too familiar with these eight things.

1. Being asked, “is that stuff heavy?” by swimmers at Ginnie Springs

Photo by Rich Denmark

2. Getting stuck behind a tractor on the way to the dive site

3. Answering the following questions: "Is there a cave down there?" "How deep/far did you go?" "What do you see?" "Do you need lights?" "Ever seen an alligator in there? 

Photo by Rich Denmark

4. Burger night at the Great Outdoors

5. The Wildflowers in the spring make the drive to the dive site look like a sea of gold

6. Making your way up the stairs at places like Little River, with all of your kit on, in the middle of summer, and being asked to pose for or even take photos of other people. 

Photo By Kirill Egorov

7.  Dive planning over BLTs from the Luraville County Store

8. Forgetting to renew your Ginnie Annual Pass before a big dive...whoops

Photo by Rich Denmark