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​How To Pick Out Your Dive Mask

​How To Pick Out Your Dive Mask

Posted by Extreme Exposure on Jan 7th 2021

All masks are definitely not created equal. Which means it can be hard to pick out the right one, especially if you are new to the sport. Every veteran diver can tell you about their collection of mas … read more

Weighting Strategies

Sep 12th 2016

A properly weighted and trimmed scuba diver experiences less drag and easier buoyancy control all while reducing the amount of energy they expend. Ultimately this diver will have more fun and create … read more
Drysuit Zipper Maintenance

Drysuit Zipper Maintenance

Posted by Extreme Exposure on Aug 9th 2016

Waterproof zippers are at the heart of your drysuit. Along with wrist and neck seals, the zipper is one of the most critical yet delicate components of your suit. Taking proper care of the zippe … read more

Santi SmartSeals System

Posted by Extreme Exposure on Apr 27th 2016

We love the new SANTI Diving SmartSeals system! Compatible with all types of wrist seals (latex, silicone, bottle neck, conical, etc), this system allows you to change seals on the go without the need … read more