Wide Band, External Catheter for P-valve


Rochester Medical WideBand Condom Catheter 

Used in conjunction for connecting to an overboard discharge valve (P-Valve).

  • Expanded adhesive area protecting against unexpected, or premature need to change the catheter
  • Patented, forward-placement of adhesive to prevent urine migration and build-up
  • Hypoallergenic, nonsensitizing adhesive built into catheter sheath
  • Silicone that, unlike latex, is odorless and has superior breathability properties
  • Clear sheath allowing for ease of inspection and enhanced skin integrity
  • Kink-resistant design to ensure continuous urine flow
  • An advanced, soft, silicone material to help reduce frictional irritation and maximize comfort

Available Sizes:

  • Medium -29 mm
  • Intermediate - 32 mm  (Most Common)
  • Large - 36 mm