Halcyon Webbing Replacement


Halcyon Webbing Replacement - Reliable and Durable

Key Features and Benefits

  • Infinitely Adjustable Fit: The Halcyon webbing provides a custom fit, eliminating the uncomfortable movement found in conventional jacket buoyancy compensators.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from durable webbing available in various colors, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Complete Customization: Available in standard (12 feet with center grommet) and small (10 feet with no grommet) lengths to fit various backplate configurations.
  • Color Options: Choose from black webbing with Blue, Pink, Grey, and Tropical Green H logos, or Grey webbing with a Black H logo.

Detailed Description

The Halcyon Webbing Replacement is designed for divers seeking a durable and adjustable harness solution. This high-quality webbing is available in several color options to match your diving gear and preferences. The webbing ensures a custom fit, reducing the uncomfortable movement associated with traditional jacket buoyancy compensators.

This webbing is made from robust materials to withstand the rigors of regular diving, providing long-lasting performance. It is available in two lengths: standard (12 feet) with a center grommet and small (10 feet) with no grommet. The customizable colors allow divers to personalize their gear, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Perfect for both recreational and technical diving, including cave diving, the Halcyon Webbing Replacement is an essential addition for maintaining and upgrading your diving equipment. The webbing's design ensures enhanced stability and comfort, making it a reliable choice for all diving conditions.


  • Material: High-quality webbing
  • Length Options: 10 feet (small) with no grommet, 12 feet (standard) with center grommet
  • Color Options: Black webbing with Blue, Pink, Grey, and Tropical Green H logos; Grey webbing with Black H logo
  • Included Components: Webbing only (no hardware or crotch strap included)

Upgrade your diving harness with the Halcyon Webbing Replacement for a secure, stable, and comfortable dive experience. Order now to ensure your equipment is always in top condition!