Bolt Snaps and Double Enders

Dive deep into our meticulously curated collection of Bolt Snaps and Double Enders, where durability meets functionality beneath the waves. Our selection is not just hardware; it's a promise of security for your most treasured diving gear. Featuring double ended bolt snaps, versatile for quick connections, also known as double enders, renowned for their reliability, each piece is a testament to the care and detail we invest in our diving products.

Our double end bolt snap offers ease of use with a secure lock mechanism, perfect for attaching your dive light or camera. The bolt snap and snap bolt designs are essentials for any diver, ensuring your equipment remains attached, regardless of the underwater currents or the complexity of your dive.
For those seeking extra security and flexibility, our swivel bolt snap and swivel eye bolt snap range provides unparalleled peace of mind. These items allow for smooth rotation and easy attachment, making them ideal for configuring hoses, regulators, and other vital diving apparatus.

Whether you're exploring coral reefs or navigating the mysterious depths of a cave, our double ender products are designed to enhance your underwater experience, ensuring your gear is always where you need it, when you need it. Explore the bolt snap collection and find the perfect companion for your next dive.