SPGs and Consoles

Dive confidently with our Regulators - SPGs and Consoles collection at Extreme Exposure, designed for precision, reliability, and safety in various diving conditions. The Halcyon Master SPG - 2.5" and Halcyon Stage SPG exemplify accuracy and durability, essential for divers who depend on exact pressure readings for safe underwater navigation. The ScubaPro Dual Pressure Gauge and Scubapro Pressure Gauge stand out for their clear displays and robustness, providing vital information in demanding environments.

Our selection is particularly beneficial for technical divers and those exploring the challenges of cave diving, where reliable equipment is non-negotiable. The Scubapro 2-Gauge and 3-Gauge Consoles are perfect for such advanced applications, offering comprehensive data on depth, tank pressure, and more in a single glance. These high-end gauges and consoles are not just tools but lifelines for serious divers, ensuring a well-informed and controlled dive experience.

Understanding the critical nature of precise depth and pressure monitoring, our products cater to the needs of both recreational and technical divers. They are engineered to withstand the rigors of deep and cave diving, providing peace of mind through their unwavering performance. With our SPGs and consoles, divers can focus on the beauty and challenges of the underwater world, equipped with the knowledge that their safety is backed by the highest quality gear.