Hoods and Gloves

Embark on your cold water diving adventures with enhanced comfort and protection, courtesy of our Hoods and Gloves collection at Extreme Exposure. This range is meticulously curated to suit the diverse needs of divers, featuring items like the Halcyon Tech Gloves and Santi SmartGloves Ring System, renowned for their robustness and dexterity.

Our selection includes wetsuit hoodies and scuba hoods such as the SANTI Neoprene Hood 7mm and 11mm, delivering essential warmth in frigid conditions. These diving hoods are designed not just for insulation but also for comfort and mobility, a crucial aspect for divers exploring colder waters.
We understand that maintaining flexibility and sensitivity in your hands is vital, which is why our diving gloves, including products like the ScubaPro Seamless 1.5 mm Gloves, are tailored for optimum performance. These scuba gloves offer the perfect balance of protection and tactile function, ensuring you can operate your gear efficiently.
Our collection goes beyond mere functionality; it's about enhancing your overall diving experience. Whether navigating the intricate details of a coral reef or embarking on a technical dive, our diving hoods and scuba gloves are indispensable for your safety and comfort. They're not just accessories; they are vital components of your diving gear, ensuring you stay warm, protected, and ready for whatever challenges the deep blue presents.

By choosing from our comprehensive selection, you're investing in quality and reliability. Prepare for your next dive with our Hoods and Gloves, and experience the difference in warmth, protection, and diving enjoyment.