P-Valve and She-P

Enhance your drysuit diving experience with our range of P-Valve and She-P solutions, designed to provide convenience and comfort during extended underwater explorations.

The Halcyon P-Valve Rinse Bottle is an essential accessory for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of your P-Valve system. This easy-to-use bottle allows you to rinse your P-Valve thoroughly after each dry suit dive, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene.
For divers seeking a reliable and efficient P-Valve system, the Halcyon Streamline Balanced P-valve is an excellent choice. This high-quality valve offers a streamlined design that integrates seamlessly with your drysuit, providing a secure and leak-free connection for hassle-free diving.
Female divers can enjoy the convenience and comfort of the She-P 3.0 Urinary Device, a specially designed solution for women diving in dry suits. This innovative device allows for easy and discreet relief during long dives, eliminating the need for uncomfortable and time-consuming surface intervals.
Simplify the installation of your P-Valve system with the Brass Barb, a durable and corrosion-resistant fitting that ensures a secure connection between your P-Valve hose and drysuit. This essential component is compatible with most P-Valve systems, making it a versatile choice for divers.
Upgrade your P-Valve system with the Dive Rite Low-Profile Balanced P-Valve, a compact and efficient solution for drysuit divers. This valve offers a low-profile design that minimizes bulk and improves streamlining, while the balanced valve technology ensures smooth and reliable operation at any depth.

Whether you're a beginner diving with a dry suit or an experienced technical diver, our P-Valve and She-P collection has the solutions you need to stay comfortable and focused on your underwater adventures.