Enhance your dry suit diving experience with our exceptional range of inflation solutions. Whether you're a beginner diving in a dry suit for the first time or an experienced drysuit diver seeking top-quality equipment, our collection has everything you need.

The Halcyon Mounting Straps for Argon Drysuit Inflation provide a secure and convenient way to attach your argon tank to your drysuit. Available in multiple sizes, these straps ensure a snug fit and easy access to your inflation system during your dive.
For those in need of an extended mounting option, the Halcyon Extended Argon Mounting Strap offers additional length to accommodate various tank sizes and configurations. This versatile strap is a must-have for divers who demand flexibility in their dry suit setup.
Complete your dry suit diving system with the XS Scuba / Highland Complete Argon Regulator. This high-performance regulator is designed specifically for drysuit inflation, delivering reliable and precise airflow when you need it most. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, this regulator is a top choice among experienced dry suit divers.
Lastly, our OPV for dry suit inflation regulator is an essential safety component for any drysuit diving setup. This overpressure valve prevents excessive air buildup in your drysuit, ensuring a comfortable and secure dive. Don't take chances with your safety – invest in a quality OPV for your peace of mind.

At, we're committed to providing the best dry suit diving equipment to support your underwater adventures. Trust our inflation solutions to keep you comfortable, safe, and in control during your next drysuit dive.

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