Backplates and Wings

Welcome to the "Backplates and Wings" section of, your trusted source for top-tier scuba diving gear. In this category, we focus on our extensive range of Halcyon products, designed to enhance your diving experience with unmatched quality and performance.

Our Halcyon backplate and wing sets the standard for underwater exploration. This highly-rated product is celebrated for its robust construction and exceptional performance, making it a preferred choice for divers worldwide. The Halcyon BCD, available in various colors, is not just a piece of equipment but a statement of your commitment to quality and safety.
The Halcyon wing offers a streamlined profile in the water, enhancing your maneuverability during your underwater adventures. The Halcyon 40lb Wing and the Halcyon Legend Wing are among our top sellers, known for their durability and functionality.
We also offer the Halcyon Backplate in different materials, including the lightweight Halcyon Aluminum Backplate and the ultra-strong Halcyon Stainless Steel Backplate. For those seeking the pinnacle of lightweight design, our Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate is a perfect choice, with positive reviews praising its blend of strength and weight savings.

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