Santi Flex 190 Men's Undersuit


If you dive in waters from 45 to 67  and you look for a perfect combination of less bulk and more comfort, Santi has created something just for you! With the revolutionary, patented slim insulation from Climashield Santi offers the most innovative spring/summer diving undersuit ever - no bulk, great flexibility thanks to four-way stretch, top level breathability and very easy care. Not to mention the design, which was not overlooked.

The 180 g/m_ insulation fabric consists of three layers, including inside Climashield, breathable insulation fibers and polyester soft coating from the top, that is also wind-resistant. Remember to always adjust your gear and underwear to the diving conditions.

It is a great alternative for a light undersuit for those who choose no restriction of movements under the drysuit, value the highest quality and design.


  •  Climashield Contur
  •  innovative fabric composition with exceptional four-way, patented fibers stretch for maximum flexibility and comfort. The nature of this unique fibers makes the insulation very durable and long-lasting.
  •  Weight: 167g/m2, Thickness: 1.5cm, Warmth: 2.69 CLO
  •  Easy to wash and dry - washing provides even better thermal efficiency to the insulation.
  • ‰ AquaBan‰ã¢ technology allows moisture transfer from the body, so the undersuit stays warm and you stay dry
  • ‰ Great, soft feeling next to the skin
  • ‰ Durable and lightweight
  •  Undresuit personalized with high quality reflective print.slide-2 kopia ‰
  •  Appropriate for moderate and warm waters.
  • ‰ 100% recyclable - this one of the kind insulation includes no Acrylic, which makes it recyclable and safe for the nature.
  •  5 pockets
  •  Soft, cotton cuffs with thumb holes ‰
  •  Wide elastic ankle straps ‰
  •  Innovative, modern design 

Made to measure custom sizing available.

See the Size Chart Here.
All measurements in centimeters

Available mens sizes: