Ladies First Evolve Doubles Wing


Halcyon and Santi teamed up to create a custom wing featuring Halcyon's quality Evolve Wing with the stylish colors from Santi's Ladies First line. Now you can have your Halcyon Wing seamlessly match up with your Ladies First Santi Drysuit. The Ladies First Evolve Wing is available with a fuchsia, lime, or grey gusset with black front and back pieces. The wing also features a custom Halcyon and Santi Ladies First Logo that's sure to give your gear a one-of-a-kind look!

The Halcyon Evolve maintains a novel, industry first-design. This unique circular wing provides unprecedented control, allowing divers to easily fine tune their buoyancy, regardless of diving position. Individuals diving in all environments will appreciate the ease of adjustment and the streamlined, cylinder-hugging design of the Evolve. Two different lift capacities allow easy pairing with small doubles or large, heavy steel tanks. Whether swimming or scootering, the Evolve cuts through the water with less drag and greater efficiency, encouraging less effort and more diving enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Evolve BC Wing is available in a 40-lb or 60-lb lift capacity (18-kg or 27-kg)
  • All Evolve wings are CE-certified
  • 1,000 count Cordura outer shell allows the superior abrasion resistance - Urethane coated, 400-denier nylon inner bladder for puncture resistance without stiffness
  • Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams
  • 22‰" Preferred length LP hose
  • OEM inflator with corrugated hose - Corrugated hose strain relief to reduce stress on the inflation connections
  • Heavy duty zipper to allow easy access, if needed, to the inner bladder
  • Rapid water drainage via SS grommet holes or Texteline mesh
  • Available in two lift capacities: 30-lb,  40-lb (13.6-kg, 18.1-kg)