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Suex XK1 Battery


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PANASONIC Li-ion Battery pack for XK1 with DRIVe System.

36V 37AH LIION 1340WH

  • Suex XJ37

    New for 2017! Updates include: New fuel gauge, redesigned back end, carbon prop, new trigger assembly, upgraded swi...

  • Suex XK

    The the new 2019 Suex XK1 is the top of the line scooter in the world. Made in Italy, the XK1 is capable of even the ...

  • Suex XJs

    New for 2019! The perfect all around scooter: The XJs is an upgraded XJ37 with a great mix of high-end features and ...

  • Suex XJt

    New for 2019! The XJt is a travel friendly model of he XJs utilizing an NiMH (Nickel metal Hydride) battery with a g...

  • xJoy37 Battery

    Li-ion Battery Pack for XJOY37 with DRIVe SystemNominal Voltage 25.2VNominal Capacity 940Wh 25.2V 27AH -LIION 940WH