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Subgear XP-3G


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Easy-to-use three-gas computer that offers the Predictive Multi-Gas algorithm. Perfect for divers who want a great flexibility to use their computer's diving function, gauge mode or apnea mode. Support of CCR systems!

-Easy to read display design

-ZH-L8 ADT MB algorithm

-Predictive Multi-Gas (PMG) with 3 gases

-PDIS ( Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops)

-Nitrox settings 21% to 100%

-Gauge mode

-Apnea mode

-Altimeter Active back light

-Bookmark function

-Easily replaceable battery

-Infrared technology

-Dive/apnea logs can be stored and analyzed with a PC/Mac

-MB-Level algorithm

-120m depth rated

-Glass protection cap

-Armwrist model

-Support of CCR systems (closed circuit rebreather)

* Available as capsule only for use with DSS bungee mount, or with a conventional wrist strap (pictured).