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Sofnolime CD (4-8 mesh)


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Molecular Products Sofnolime CD (4-8 mesh)

Commonly used in PSCR applications (RB80)

Sofnolime® is the Molecular Products brand name for its soda lime formulations of carbon dioxide absorbent, optimized for the removal of carbon dioxide from recirculated breathing gas systems. Sofnolime is a carefully prepared, low dust, mixture of calcium hydroxide (>75%) and sodium hydroxide (3%) with a precise amount of water moisture and binding agents.

4 to 8 mesh granule size absorbs 110 L/Kg of CO2

Sold in 44lb / 20kg reclosable keg containers. When stored correctly, Sofnolime containers maintain proper absorption capacity for five years.

Sofnolime Technical Data Sheet

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