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Seawing Nova Full Foot


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Divers who prefer to dive without booties are going to love the Seawing Nova Full Foot. It offers all the power, acceleration, maneuverability and effortless kicking characteristics of the open-heel Seawing Nova, but with the foot support and comfort of a full foot design. You won’t find a better performing or more comfortable full foot fin for cruising the wrecks and reefs of the tropics.

• Ergo-fit foot pocket is low profile to prevent chafing and blistering on the ankle and Achilles tendon.
• Extended toe box enhances comfort during extended bottom times.
• Power Rails under the extended footplate offer efficient power transfer.
• Built with a space-age Monprene elastomer that is virtually indestructible.
• Proprietary G4 articulated joint allows the entire blade to pivot and generate thrust.
• Wing-shaped blade creates a near-perfect balance of stiffness and flex.
• Variable Blade Geometry wing tips arc upwards, providing more power and increasing stability.
• Pivot Control Technology ensures that the most efficient 45-degree angle of attack is maintained no matter how easy or hard you kick.