Scubapro Sport Wetsuit (7mm,5mm,2.5mm)

$170.00 - $390.00

7mm- Here’s the ideal wetsuit for new divers who enjoy cold water diving. As comfortable as a cold-water steamer can be, the Sport 7mm fits like a second skin. It is made from super-soft neoprene and features a triathlon cut that allows for lots of range of motion in the shoulder and arm areas. The suit is easy to put on and take off and it provides much more freedom of movement than traditional 7mm wetsuits, making it a smart choice for first-time suit buyers.

5mm- The ideal wetsuit for new divers looking for a comfortable steamer that fits like a second skin, the Sport 5mm is easy to put on and affords lots of freedom of movement, making it the must-have thermal protection for all first-time suit buyers. Made with super-soft neoprene and offering a triathlon cut, it is designed for divers who enjoy leisurely warm-water diving.

2.5mm- This is an ultra-comfortable warmer designed for the tropics. Made with super-soft neoprene and offering a triathlon cut, this high-stretch steamer is perfect for divers who enjoy leisurely warm-water diving. It fits like a second skin, is easy to don and doff and its triathlon cut provides outstanding freedom of movement. There’s no better thermal protection for first-time suit buyers heading for the islands.

Scubapro Size Chart

• Softer and more flexible neoprene, makes it easier to put on and take off, maximizes range of motion and improves overall comfort.
• Pure Design Concept uses fewer seams and panels for maximum flexibility.
• Triathlon cut employs wider panels covering the underarm and back areas, allowing for unrestricted arm and shoulder movement when swimming.
• Wrists and ankles are fitted with sealing panels backed by zippered closures that help keep water out and aid in pulling the suit over arms and legs.
• The interior is lined with two plush materials that enhance comfort and warmth, dry quickly and provide cushion beneath wrist and ankle zippers.
• Glued and blind-stitched seams keep warmth in and water out.
• Diagonal-cut YKK rear zipper is comfortable, improves flexibility and simplifies donning and doffing.
• Abrasion-resistant fabric on shoulders, seat and knees protect against shifting gear or when sitting or kneeling.
• High-stretch neoprene is great for hard-to-fit divers who can now enjoy a suit that molds comfortably to his or her body.


Mens:  Black / Yellow

Womens: Black / Purple

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