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Maxtec Max-13


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Replacement For:

Airshields [See Hillrom]
Analytical Industries [PSR-11-917-J]
Bio-Med Devices [10006 Sensor, M-10, M-2 Monitors, Sensor #4433, Monochrome Crossvent (use Max-13c)]
City Technoligies [MOX-2]
Covidien (Puritan-Bennett) [4-020933-00, 7820 Monitor, 7200 Vent]
Datascope [Anestar S]
EnviteC [OOM-102-1]
Hillrom (Airshields) [6735142]
Hudson RCI [See Teleflex Medical]
Invivo [9445 Sensor]
Mercury Medical [10-103-05]
MSA [406931, MiniOX I, II, III, 3000]
Pacifitech [PT-11A]
Phillips (Respironics) [Criterion Vent, Espirit Vent Lifecare (#PLV-102), 37-079 Sensor]
Precision Medical [PM5900, #504877]
Puritan-Bennett [See Covidien]
Teledyne [R17MED, #C-43690 (see Max-7 for AX/MX300 replacement]
Teleflex Medical [5567, V-11]
Viasys [66030 Sensor, 6400 Vent, 8400 Vent, VIP Vent]
VTI [100580]