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Mako Titanium Knife


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The Mako Titanium Dive Knife incorporates a multi-function blade with a highly-durable cutting edge. It is made from hardened titanium, titanium being the ultimate material for light weight, long life and corrosion free performance.
MAKO Titanium knives team extreme resistance to corriosion with a highly durable cutting edge.
Conventional edge for slicing easily through numerous materials.
Line-cutting notch for cutting small ropes and fish lines.
Serrated edge for sawing heavier ropes and branches.
Bottle opener for convenience.
Sheath with unique locking mechanism to allow one-hand release.

Technical Information:
Length of knife blade: 8.5cm / 3.34 in
Overall length of knife: 19cm / 7.48 in
Titanium knife with sheath: 162g / 5.71 oz
Titanium knife alone: 59g / 2.08 oz