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Liquivision Battery Kit


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Liquivision Battery Kit (Xen & Xeo) (3 Pack)

Liquivision Xen and Xeo use ER14335M lithium 3.6V batteries. Only ER14335M batteries are authorized for use with your Xen or Xeo. ER14335 batteries (no M) are NOT compatible. Only the batteries contained in Liquivision battery packs can be guaranteed to perform to Liquivision standards.

We strongly recommend always having a spare battery on hand, since spare batteries have a long shelf life and do not require any special storage environment (just dry and away from direct sunlight or heat).

Spare batteries are sold as follows:

Battery 3-Pack

3 ER 14335M battery

3 Spare O-rings

1 resealable tube of O-ring lubricant



You should inspect your battery cap O-ring with every battery change. Check for cracking, damage or dirt. If you choose to replace your O-ring, always make sure to clean the battery cap properly to remove any residue that may prevent a good seal and to lubricate the new O-ring with silicone O-ring lubricant.

Important Notices on Battery Life

The ER14335M Xen/Xeo batteries can provide up to 90 hours of dive time with your unit*, although 25-40 hours is more typical if you use the standard Liquivision color scheme on medium brightness and all the dives are done within a month of first using the battery.

Optimizing Battery Life

You can extend/optimize your battery life in several ways.

-Always choose the lowest screen brightness setting you need for your dive. The Xen and Xeo have an "Auto-Dim" feature, where the unit uses your chosen brightness setting on the surface, and slowly reduces brightness to "Low" as you descent to a selected depth.

-Keep battery life in mind when setting screen colors. The OLED screen is an RGB screen, which means it has red, green and blue pixels. To display the color green, for example, it only needs to light up one pixel - the green one. To display any other colors, the screen must light up a combination of pixels. To display white, it must light up three pixels, full-force. Therefore, the most economical display colors would be red, green and blue. The least economical display color is white. The standard Liquivision display color scheme is designed to balance readability with economical battery use.

*90 hours can be achieved when the display is set to lowest brightness, with all the fonts set to green, and the battery is used within a month of initial use.