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EOS 12-watt LED Primary Light


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The promise of LED technology that can fully replace HID lighting, just took a step forward, with Halcyon’s newest Eos primary light. The new Eos capably blends numerous desirable features with a focused light output exceeding the 10-watt HID. The Eos also reduces battery consumption with an efficient array of dual-intensity LEDs—a quick flip of the switch more than doubles the battery’s run time! A machined aluminum head shields a nearly indestructible LED light array with an expected lifecycle of 20,000 hours. A set of innovative Halcyon features rounded out the Eos by adding a custom tie-point for the Goodman handle, and a specially machined rear bolt-snap attachment point. The Halcyon Eos represents the dawn in a new age of underwater lighting, and is a welcome addition to our line of primary lighting.

EOS LED Key Features:‰

  •  Advanced LED array provides powerful 12-watt output in a small, attractive form factor; full power output equals 600 Lumen ‰
  •  Lux rating at 1 meter is 10700 / 3 meters is 1450 / 5 meters is 530
  • ‰ High quality, Aluminum light head with Type 3, Class 2 Mil-Spec hardcoat is durable and corrosion resistant ‰
  •  Aluminum light head optimizes heat dissipation while protecting LED electronics
  • ‰ High quality LEDs are rated for approximately 20,000 hours and protected by a nearly indestructible light head ‰
  •  Dual Intensity LED allows an option to double battery burn time
  • ‰ Built-In thermal protection circuit auto-switches to low intensity to protect LED array from overheating when out of the water
  • ‰ Eos Goodman handle features an innovative boltsnap attachment point
  •  Light head body provides a rear boltsnap attachment option
  •  Small, lightweight Smart charger with universal input 110-240v
  •  Pressure tested and depth rated to 300 ft / 90 m
  •  Lifetime warranty on the canister
  •  Eos comes standard with our indestructible Explorer canister featuring our proprietary ‰"dry lid‰" design


Burn Time:

4.5 amp:  Full power - 4.5 hours, Half power - 9 hours

9 amp:  Full power - 9 hours, Half power - 18 hours

13.5 amp:  Full power - 13.5 hours, Half power, 27 hours

Halcyon offers the original purchaser a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and workmanship defects on all of its products. Beyond this standard coverage, Halcyon also offers the original purchaser two separate lifetime warranties, one covering all RF-welded seams used in the construction of MC bladders, surface signaling and lift devices, and the second covering Halcyon’s primary light canisters. In order to maintain both the one-year manufacturer’s warranty and the lifetime warranty (where applicable) the original purchaser must retain their sales receipt.
Certain items, such as NiMH and SLA batteries, are covered by a 90-day conditional warranty that commences on the date of customer purchase. Following Halcyon’s recommended use and service guidelines provided in the manuals is essential in extending the practical lifetime of expendable items such as batteries and light bulbs.
The Halcyon warranty is a global warranty. As long as the customer has a valid sales receipt from an authorized Halcyon dealer, the warranty extends to all countries and shops, regardless of where the item was purchased. Any authorized Halcyon dealer can handle warranty returns to the factory with a valid receipt.
Unauthorized modifications/repairs, negligence, accidental damage, commercial use, or abuse are not covered by the warranty. Floods, leaks, punctures, and broken bulbs etc., are not covered by the warranty unless they are the direct result of a material or workmanship defect.