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Drysuit Repairs

Leak Test (includes minor leak repair) $50

Wrist Seal Replacement

Includes materials and labor

Wrist seals, conical $90
Wrist seals, bottleneck $90
Wrist seals, heavy duty bottleneck $99

Neck Seal Replacement

Includes materials and labor

Standard neck seal $111
Neoprene seal $116

Boot and Sock Replacement

Includes materials and labor

Flex soles, ankle straps, inside sole $331
Neoprene socks $254


Includes valve and installation

Inlet valve - Apeks Swivel $90
Exhaust valve - Apeks High Profile $90
Exhaust valve - SI-Tech Low Profile $130
Exhaust valve - Apeks Low Profile $90
Valve installation (non-Santi) $10


Halcyon P-Valve (standalone) $189
Halcyon P-Valve + installation $235
P-Valve installation (customer provided) $50
Shorten sleeves (2" maximum) $123
Shorten legs (2" maximum) $123
 *If applicable

Waterproof Zippers

Includes zipper and installation

Standard brass zipper $366
YKK plastic zipper $366


Pocket installation (per pocket) $60
Pocket removal $65
Ankle strap installation $42
Crotch strap installation $50
Suspender installation $70