Caverns Measureless to Man (Paper Back)


By: Sheck Exley

Paper Back

Caverns Measureless to Man is a fascinating account of a life spent in the pursuit of a single passion, and many would say obsession, diving caves, ever deeper. In twelve thrilling chapters Exley describes dive after dive, experiences, and adventures. This book takes place in variety of locations like Mexico, South Africa, the Bahamas, Bermuda but centralized around areas of Florida. There is background information on the caves and settings, there are maps created by Exley himself and meticulously marked with depth, dates, penetration, and names. There are also a good many black and white pictures and even a set of 16 color images. And though Caverns at times reads like an adventure book, there are also dive profiles; comprehensive listings of progressive world records for underwater cave depths; interesting dives, surveys and records; a complete list of all of Exley's dive partners, including the year of the first dive and how many dives they had; and a 29-page index.