C200 Second Stage


The C200 offers the breathing benefits of our Optimal Flow Design (OFD) valve in a simple, worry free regulator The small dimensions of this second stage make it compact and comfortable The Optimal Flow Design valve (OFD) is for reliable and high air flow Due to the incorporation of new technology that improves work of breathing performance compared to a classic downstream valve second stage

The C200 has diver adjustable coaxial Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) for powerful inhalation assistance and prevention of free flow. A redesigned mouthpiece tube allows better exhaust airflow, and because octopus regulators need to be robust an anti-scratch cover keeps it looking good for many years of diving activities The C200 housing is a precision molded carbon fiber and techno-polymer material for durability and impact resistance. Flawless air delivery and comfortable when in use with its orthodontic mouthpiece makes the C200 the perfect choice for an alternate air sourc

C200 Second Stage

-High impact and scratch resistant body

-New compact dimensions

-Optimal Flow Design valve

-Adjustable co-axial dive/pre-dive

-New mechanical system providing unrivaled performance in downstream 2nd stage segment