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  • Carry Handle

    Front carry handle for Suex ADV scooters.   Includes hose clamp, cover, webbing, and bungee

  • Cold Water Front Handle

    Cold water front handle for T16 / EXP / XK1 scooters.

  • Support Cradle

    Support Cradle for all xJoy and XK scooters.   Comes with wooden cradle, delrin rods and nylon strap.

  • Suex XJ37

    New for 2017! Updates include: New fuel gauge, redesigned back end, carbon prop, new trigger assembly, upgraded swi...

  • XK1- Black

    The Suex XK1 is the top of the line scooter in the world. Made in Italy, the XK1 is capable of even the most rigorous...

  • Camera Support Mount

    Full Camera/Video Housing mounting Kit. Includes :- Universal Support (70228)- Swivel Support (70230)- Standard Inse...

  • Tow Leash Kit

    Suex Tow Leash Kit- Includes: Leash Bolt Snap Rubber Band

  • Suex XK 1 Battery

    PANASONIC Li-ion Battery pack for XK1 with DRIVe System. 36V 37AH LIION 1340WH

  • xJoy37 Battery

    Li-ion Battery Pack for XJOY37 with DRIVe SystemNominal Voltage 25.2VNominal Capacity 940Wh 25.2V 27AH -LIION 940WH

  • Balanced Instrument Support

    Balanced instrument support. This support with the mounted instruments can be perfectly balanced in the water without...