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  • Halcyon Pink SMB

    HOT PINK SMB's with a new grey logo are available in 3'3", 4'5", 6' lengths, closed and open circuit and as an 80lbs ...

  • Halcyon Primo - Front

    One – piece suit with ergonomic cut, low bulk and easy care features. This diving undersuit is an offer for tho...

  • Front

    Halcyon Rash Guard Halcyon's new long sleeved rash guard is perfect for any watersport and provides protection from t...

  • Halcyon Regulator Bag

    - Easily fit two regulator sets with gauges - Padded Sides - 1" nylon webbing for added strength - Water resistant...

  • Halcyon Single Lens Mask

    Single lens mask, with black frame and black silicon skirt

  • Halcyon Spring Heels

    By eliminating the failures common to conventional fin straps, Halcyon spring straps free you from the risk and hassl...

  • PSI

    Technical divers with multiple stage/deco cylinders often prefer a small, light SPG; the Halcyon Stage pressure gauge...

  • Halcyon Traveler Pro

    Due to popular demand, Halcyon is now offering the popular super light weight, dedicated single-tank Traveler BC Syst...

  • Traveler Regulator Bag

    Easily carry a set of double's regs plus a stage reg or two. This durable design can also support two single tank reg...

  • Halcyon V-Weight Pouch

    Now you can easily add weight to your doubles kit in the convenient void between your tanks. The V-Weight Pouch attac...

  • Halcyon Weighted Bellows Pocket

    This innovative pocket is designed to replace the Right Hand Zipper™ pocket or ACB with a bellows-type poc...

  • Halcyon Zero Gravity Sidemount System - Front

    Halcyon’s newest addition to the Halcyon Line of side mount BC’s is our most innovative design yet: The Z...

  • This black o-ring is ideal for the Halcyon Helios Lid (Clear Acrylic Lid) While Supplies Last! *Call or email for av...

  • HMI lamp cover

  • HP LED Mini Scout light

    It's back! By popular demand, the 2 Cell Scout Mini is once again in production. Halcyon’s Scout lights...

  • HP LED Scout

    Halcyon’s Scout lights redefined industry perception and continue to offer amazing value with solid constructio...

  • HP Scout LED Upgrade Module

    Halcyon replacement assembly 3-watt LED bulbs are revolutionary in their ability to withstand shock and emit a strong...

  • JJ-CCR GUE hose kit

    Hose kit for the GUE configuration JJ-CCR setup. Kit includes: 22" inflator hose 13" LP hose 15" LP hose 8" LP h...

  • Fuchsia

    Halcyon and Santi teamed up to create a custom design featuring Halcyon's quality gear with the stylish colors from S...

  • Lime

    Halcyon and Santi teamed up to create a custom wing featuring Halcyon's quality Eclipse Wing with the stylish colors ...

  • Grey

    Halcyon and Santi teamed up to create a custom design featuring Halcyon's quality gear with the stylish colors from S...